October 01,2016

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FALL IS THE TIME... Landscaping 101

Fall Landscaping 101... means it's the time of the year to get some basic but necessary landscaping tasks done to help ensure your planting beds and landscaping will be as healthy as possible next spring.  For example have you considered the importance of adding a new layer of mulch to…

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"ROCK" July with BOULDER FOUNTAINS... What is it about the sound of a bubbling stream or fountain that has the ability to relax the body and mind? Would you like to learn how to build a BOULDER BUBBLER or explore the wide variety of custom options that would fit your…


Repairing Grass In Heavy Traffic Areas

Repairing Grass In Heavy Traffic Areas

Some of us don’t have a choice but to use our lawn as a path to our front and back doors, cars, or sidewalks. Some of us have kids and pets who are constantly using the yard as a playground. And frankly, sometimes it’s just easier to walk through the…

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Don't Forget About Dad

Father's Day on June 19th is your day to thank the "ROCK" in your life. Would the "ROCK" in your life appreciate:

-Fire Pits... $50 dollars off

-Flagstone Patio... 15% off all flagstone

-Boulders... 15% off all boulders 

-Gift Certificates... $50, $100 or more

-Personalized Rocks... Huskers, Bluejays, custom orders…

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Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless Waterfalls

Backyard ponds are a timeless feature that can attract wildlife to your outdoor living space as well create a feeling of tranquility and peace. For those that incorporate them, waterfalls tend to be an interesting focal point of the pond. Ever wanted a pond, a waterfall, or both in your…

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