February 07,2016

News, Tips, and Current Events

Winter Chores

Just because winter is here, that doesn't mean your garden beds have to go. There are some simple and basic chores that will help ensure life throughout your beds during the winter season. Remember to always protect your roses and evergreens. Laying a couple inches of mulch around the bases…

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Fall Means Fire Pits

Fire Pits can extend backyard use through fall and winter making them appealing to many homeowners. Fire Pits are growing in popularity so much so, that some builders are including them as an option when building a home.  If you are not building a home but still desire a fire…

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Fall Landscaping Days Sale

Fall is a great time to finish landscaping projects and make improvements to your outdoor living space. The colors of the trees are turning, temperatures are nearly perfect, and nothing beats spending time outdoors.  Save money when you purchase the products and materials you need by joining us October 3rd…

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Fall Boulder Blowout!

What does GE Landscape Supply's FALL BOULDER BLOWOUT mean to you...fantastic sale pricing on our entire inventory of boulders.  Granite from Minnesota, Quartzite from Colorado, and a wide range of boulders all shapes and sizes are available to you at the lowest prices of the year.  Boulders can be used…

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What kind of impression do you want to leave with visitors to your home?  A well-conceived landscaping plan serves a variety of purposes.  It could be a narrow channel of river rock that serves as a natural drainage way.  Or does the mulch bed help hide tree roots and preserve…