February 27,2017

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The beauty of your home begins outdoors. Properly constructed landscaping features can be both aesthetic and functional. Retaining walls and flagstone walkways add visual interest to your property while protecting your dwelling and expanding your living area. Water features act as a soothing centerpiece with the sound of a babbling brook and waterfall calmly whispering in the background. Designing and installing landscaping features on your property is much easier than many people imagine...


You can build it!  We've outlined the steps needed to construct beautiful and long lasting landscape features in the how-to guides listed below. Included in these guides, you will also find tool recommendations, materials specifications, and helpful hints to make your project even easier. Go ahead, build the yard of your dreams, your friends at GE Landscape Supply are here to assist you with all of your landscaping needs.


How To Install a Pond

How To Install a Retaining Wall

How To Install a Flagstone Walkway

How To Install a Fire Pit